The Assault Rifle is the main gun in the rifle section. It has a medium fire rate and medium damage. It is also in the same category of the famous Tactical Rifle which has a better fire rate than the Assault Rifle, but worse damage. However, the Tactical Rifle still mostly remains a better choice, due to the DPS (Damage Per Second) of it being higher than the DPS of the Assault Rifle.

Facts and Tips

  • This gun is effective for all ranges, but especially on mid-range.
  • This gun is very effective for spraying players. However, on bigger distances, the spray might actually play against you, this issue is called the 'AR bloom'.
  • While the Tactical Rifle shoots faster than the Assault Rifle, the Assault Rifle does more damage.
  • Vaguely Based off the M16A1
  • In total, there are 4 M16 iterations, the M16A1, M16A2, M4A1, and M16A4 (The Assault rifle most likely being derived from the M16A1


Current Weapons

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Submachine Guns (SMGs)

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