Badges are achievements that you can earn in Island Royale. This featured was released on 28 July, 2018 along with the gamepasses feature. You can view your badges at the bottom of this page or in your roblox inventory.

They include:

Picture Badge Name Description How To Obtain
Solo Victory! Achieve a Solo Victory! Obtained by winning a round in solo in Island Royale!
Duo Victory! Achieve a Duo Victory! Obtained by winning a round in duos in Island Royale!
Squad Victory! Achieve a Squad Victory! Obtained by winning a round in squads in Island Royale!
High Roller! Have over 250,000 Bucks! Have 250,000 bucks in your inventory!
Squad Up! Join a game with a group of four friends in Squads! Play a squads game with 4 people who you have friended!
Look Mom! Achieve a TOP THREE spot on the Win/Kill Global Leaderboards at the end of the week! Place third or above on either the win/kill global leaderboards when it resets!
Excalibur! You found the magical sword! Walk through the sword in the middle of Funky Forest!
RIP Jurrd! You eliminated me! Eliminate LordJurrd in Island Royale!
Sniped! Hit a long shot in game of 1,000 meters or higher! Eliminate someone from a distance of 1,000 metres of higher!
Trio Victory
Trio Victory! Achieve a Trio Victory! Obtained by winning a round in tros in Island Royale!
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