The Bolt Action Sniper is meant for people who already have experience with sniping. If you land one shot, (not the head) it might not kill them. If you have enough experience and land on the head then you will. After shooting one round you will need to reload.

Facts and Tips

  • The Bolt Action Sniper is a sniper rifle which is most effective at long ranges. It fires slower than the Semi Auto Sniper, but does more damage and is more accurate.
  • Magazine despite only having one shot in the chamber at one time.
  • Resembles the Heavy Sniper but it deals less damage to the other player and has a faster reload time.
  • It is very good for no-scopes, if you are able to land a headshot, as a high rarity Bolt Action Sniper is capable of doing over 100+ damage if doing Battle Royale!


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