The Burst Rifle is a weapon belonging to the Assault Family alongside the Tactical Rifle and Assault Rifle. The Burst Rifle fires in a burst of 3 rounds, stops, and repeats again. This gun is not generally favoured in the Island Royale community for its slow fire rate and low damage.

Facts and Tips

  • The Burst Rifle is a rifle that fires 3 bullets rapidly when fired.
  • When each bullet is fired, there is a slight amount of recoil to the weapon.
  • It is effective for medium and sometimes, long range.
  • This was considered "one of the worst guns" in the Island Royale Community for some time, but with new weapons being added to the game, the Burst Rifle is envisioned by some players as an average gun.
  • The recoil on the Burst Rifle could make your intended target a little bit difficult to land damage on. However, with some training and practice, it could be a quite a weapon to use, against enemies.
  • The in-game model is an AK-47.


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