Below are codes which feature a specific youtuber/streamer. You can find the list of partnered youtuber/streamers in the article Content Creators. These codes may be valid forever.



EXPIRED SYN 2,500 ??? Named After An IR YouTuber SynthesizeOG
EXPIRED (code censored due to VladimVladim wanting u to watch his video to get it) 500 29/12/18 Named after an IR Twitch Streamer VladimVladim
EXPIRED AINSLEY 500 11/12/18 Named after IR Twitch Streamer


EXPIRED DANK 500 10/12/18 Named after IR twitch streamer


EXPIRED GUNNER 500 1/12/18 Named after a popular twitch streamer


EXPIRED (code censored due to Serocrux not allowing us to show it here) 500 1/12/18 Named after popular IR Twitch Streamer Serocrux
EXPIRED 100PUSHUPS 500 7/12/18 IR Twitch Streamer GunnerTDog doing 100 push-ups at 1,000 followers

Below is a list of codes that are made to accompany weekly updates or major bug fixes. These tend to last 1 week, from the previous update to the latest one.

VALID DISCORDPEEPS 1,000 18/1/19 Given out as an exclusive code for the members of the discord.
VALID NEWB 5,000 18/1/19 New Noob themed item shop.
EXPIRED OHHECKYES 2,500 12/1/19 LordJurrd’s vacation being finally over.
EXPIRED AAAA 5,000 6/1/19 LordJurrd's WiFi timeout is back.
EXPIRED 2019! 2,500 1/1/19 In celebration of 2019 this code was given out.
EXPIRED YEEHAWBOI 1,500 29/12/18 The new shotgun crosshairs being added, but also as compensation because LordJurrd didn't have an update ready.
EXPIRED CHRISTMAS2018 5,000 25/12/18 This code was made to celebrate Christmas.
EXPIRED DROPDEATHFIXYAY 1,000 23/12/18 There was a bug that was the result of one extra letter of code, where no loot was dropped upon death. This code was made as compensation.
EXPIRED CHEER 5,000 21/12/18 Santa has "awoken," Massive 2-week long item shop, Limited time Peppermint Sprayer weapon
EXPIRED SLINK 500 21/12/18(?) Unknown (fill in reason here if you know it)
EXPIRED SNOWIN 3500 14/12/18 4th map in IR's history, half of the map is filled with snow, and the red crystals are replaced with Christmas trees
EXPIRED STABBY 2500 8/12/18 Part 2/2 of the Traps/Launch Pads update, actually added the Traps and Launch Pads
EXPIRED RUDOLPH 2500 7/12/18 Part 1/2 of the Traps/Launch Pads update, mainly just Reindeer themed shop items and stairs build rotations
EXPIRED FUNSTREAM 500 1/12/18 LordJurrd's first IR live stream after the Alpha days
EXPIRED LOLMINUSONE (-1) 1/12/18 Created due to spam from people saying he should do it
EXPIRED TWITCHSWAG 500 1/12/18 Announced during LordJurrd's first Dev Stream after the Alpha days
EXPIRED GINGER 5000 1/12/18 All new ginger-themed featured shop items
EXPIRED SNOWY 5000 12/11/18 Island Pass Winter Season 2018
EXPIRED EDITS 5000 17/11/18 Editing update!
EXPIRED YAYBUILDING 5000 11/11/18 All new building update
EXPIRED LEAFSEASON 2500 3/11/18 Fall Season coming soon (Island Pass)
EXPIRED HALLOWEEN 1000 10/31/18 Halloween
EXPIRED BLINGBLING 2500 26/10/18 Added backblings in character customization
EXPIRED BADBUGS 500 21/10/18 Darkness trail not showing trail fixed
EXPIRED SPOOKS 2000 20/10/18 2/3 halloween shop + island pass
EXPIRED 100M 1000 14/10/18 100 Million visits in Island Royale
EXPIRED BRAINZ 2500 13/10/18 All new first of 3 halloween featured shop items
EXPIRED <3<3 500 7/10/18 Unknown
EXPIRED BOOM 5000 6/10/18 Volcano erupted, map changed
EXPIRED CONTENTNEXT 5000 29/9/18 Huge content update next update
EXPIRED STICKUP 3000 22/9/18 Xbox support!
EXPIRED AGENT 2000 15/9/18 All new spy-themed featured shop items
EXPIRED XBOXTIME 1000 14/9/18 Announcement of official release for xbox island royale (21st september)
EXPIRED LEMONS 1000 8/9/18 Unknown (rumours said that mods said it)
EXPIRED RULER 2500 8/9/18 Brand new Egyptian-Themed featured shop items
EXPIRED BLOOD 1500 31/8/18 Brand new vampire-themed featured shop items
EXPIRED DUSK 2000 18/8/18 Change in time, day, night, dusk, dawn instead of just day
EXPIRED MAFIOSO 1750 11/8/18 Added 3 other gamepasses and a mafia-themed featured shop items
EXPIRED MINGO 1750 3/8/18 Added flamingos and ammo boxes also a new badge
EXPIRED OOGA 1500 28/7/18 Brand new VIP badge and tribal themed items
EXPIRED GUNS 2000 14/7/18 Brand new sport rifle and heavy pistol
EXPIRED ARRR 1500 6/7/18 The expansion of the map and new pirate themed featured shop items
EXPIRED 4TH 1000 4/7/18 4th of July featured shop items update
EXPIRED VIP 2500 3/7/18 New VIP Servers
EXPIRED FIXED 2500 1/7/18 Fixes from Beta release
EXPIRED BETA! 2500 30/6/18 Island Royale in BETA (Free)
EXPIRED CHEERS 5000 22/6/18 Daily updates until IR enters beta phase
EXPIRED SMOOTHBUILD 3500 15/6/18 Improved smooth building, auto rotations
EXPIRED EXPLORE 3000 8/6/18 New explorer themed featured shop items
EXPIRED EMPEROR 2500 1/6/18 New heavy shotguns
EXPIRED WOOT 3000 25/5/18 Keybind changes in-game
EXPIRED OUTLAWS 3500 18/5/18 Keybinds, ammo/resource dropping, exlusive starter pack
EXPIRED BEACHDAY 3000 11/5/18 All new featured shop items and fixes
EXPIRED BATTLEREADY 3500 4/5/18 Three brand new locations
EXPIRED KNIGHT 4500 27/4/18 New knight themed featured shop items
EXPIRED 2K 2000 21/4/18 2k concurrent
EXPIRED HEADSHOT 4000 20/4/18 All new Bolt Action Sniper and Mini Potions
EXPIRED FLAIR 2500 13/4/18 Introduced emotes, trail, effects, and flair chest!
EXPIRED BUTTERYSMOOTH 5000 6/4/18 Improvements to the game
EXPIRED EGGTASTIC 3000 30/3/18 Easter Week
EXPIRED WEEKENDVIBES 2500 23/3/18 Update regarding 2 new map locations
EXPIRED CLOVER 3000 17/3/18 Saint Patrick's Day



  • "IMGULLIBLE" is a troll code. It is often mentioned by dyno in the general chat in Island Royale Discord. It turns out that it is just a mod (Sean) who uses a Dyno tag to make Dyno send the message.
  • The code "DROPDEATHFIXYAY", when redeemed, says "Redeemed! YEEHAW!" instead of just "Redeemed!".
  • When you redeem the "CHRISTMAS2018" code, it says "Redeemed! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" instead of "Redeemed!"
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The message that is sent by dyno.