• Official Streamers/Youtubers are 'partnered' content creators that have the 'Youtuber/Streamer' (now called 'Free Advertising Agent'/FAA) role in the official Island Royale discord. They are allowed to promote their content in #videos text-channel once (sometimes twice) a day.
  • Content creators are also granted the permission to talk in a special youtubers/streamers text-channel.
  • You can become partnered with Island Royale by completing the application for it, and you will get the role if you will match the requirements.
  • Since the end of April, Free Advertising Agents have also received purple tag colors. This grants them the ability to prove they're officially partnered.

List of official content creators (not all might be listed yet)

Facts and Tips

  • All the mods can be considered as official content creators too, because they're also allowed to post their content once(/twice) a day in #videos.
  • In the old days Jurrd 'invited' streamers to be partnered by donating them 5$ or 500 bits.

    LordJurrd 'inviting' VladimVladim in the old days

  • Sean (Community Manager for the Island Royale Discord server) is working on a system to feature content creators (like regular promotion, but extra juicy).
  • Streamers are often receiving donations from LordJurrd.

    Jurrd supporting a streamer

  • Some of the content creators (like Serocrux and GunnerTDog) have their own special codes for Island Royale that they can give away to viewers.
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