Editing is changing the surface of basic structure. For example, if you place down a structure and look at it close enough, you will see a letter/symbol appearing in the middle, which is the keybind you have set for editing. Once you press the right key, your wall will go in blue transparent preview mode showing 4 big squares. The blue squares are used to control editing. For instance, if you place down a wall and click on top right square, a window will appear in top right part of the wall. If you place down a wall and hold your Left Mouse Button selecting the two right squares, a doorway will appear in the right part of the wall. Experimenting with all types of building make you see how you can edit them.



  • In fights, editing is mainly used for tricking. If an enemy boxes himself in (makes a 1x1 around himself with a roof) you might destroy one of his walls and place down your own wall instead of his. That will allow you to simply wait for the moment to strike, edit the wall so, it becomes a doorway and finish the opponent with (a) precise shot(s).


  • If you land into a situation where you've built yourself in the air too high and the enemy is shooting down your building, you will need to go out of the structures very quickly to limit as much fall damage as possible. You might shoot your walls, or try to use your Harvesting Tool on them, but simple editing will work way faster allowing you to survive.

Custom base:

  • Sometimes, you might be not happy about your base. You might have built a tower to snipe people from, but you're too scared to go onto your ramp as you might get sniped back. In this situation, simply edit your wall so, a window will occur on the side you want to shoot to. This will give opponents less chance of an opportunity to shoot you while you're shooting them and you will not get surprise attacked from behind. Make sure to reset your wall once you need to reload, so you do not get shot while reloading your weapon.

House trap:

  • If you make a build battle field replica and place some loots or from your recent build battle ground and loots, you can make a little house with all the loots inside and make a wall and edit to make a little doorway, but because of some high IQ people, they will sometimes notice the trap above ;)

Primary Edits (Coming Soon)

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