First FAA (Free Advertising Agents = Content Creators) tournament, that was held on 23rd of March 2019, is an officially organized tournament by the heads of Island Royale discord server (LordJurrd, Sean and a few more).


  • This (first) FAA tournament is a test subject to see the reaction of the community. Based on it, a decision will be made, whether to host other tournaments of this kind or not.
  • The tournament was streamed by all Free Advertising Agents who participated, but also JustSeanC (Sean, the head moderator of Island Royale discord server), GunnerTDog , LeSteelio . These three were in a discord voice chat, doing the job of commentators of a tournament, as they were not participating. However, VladimVladim , who initially participated in the tournament, also joined up their commentator call after not passing into the finals with his squad, named KONSTRUKT, due to the lack of points.
  • 12 squads total (48 players) were participating, most of them are people with the FAA role, who composed their own squad, but there were also a few invitations sent to the leaders of the IRCL (Island Royale Competitive League) as they are a huge part of the competitive community of Island Royale


The rules for this tournament were:

  • No FPS unlockers (/ any exploiting)
  • No glitching
  • No stream sniping or ghosting
  • No RPG (was unbanned after 1st round)


  • 1 point per kill
  • 3 points per win


  • 12 squads are divided in two groups (group A and group B, 6 teams in each)
  • There is two rounds of each of the groups fighting
  • After the two rounds 3 teams with the most points from each group go into the finals


  • 6 squads from groups A and B combined fight in 3 rounds, the score rules here are the same as in the qualifiers
  • Group with the most points after these 3 rounds wins the tournament


  • The winners of the tournament were given the exclusive "Team Blizzy" skin, custom made, and 35k bucks a piece.



Group A results


Group B results


Finals results

Group A: PuR3 - 11 points (finals); Blizzy - 13 points (finals); Team Winner - 6 points; Pro Campers - 13 points (finals); ACCKK PTOO - 2 points; KONSTRUKT - 5 points;

Group B: Crux Clan - 23 points (finals); Pickle Gang - 2 points; RIP ZIO - 5 points (finals); 25_ - 3 points; FaZe - 4 points; Que Lo Que - 10 points (finals);

Finals: PuR3 - 11 points (3rd); Blizzy - 26 points (1st); Pro Campers - 8 points; Crux Clan - 16 points (2nd); RIP ZIO - 4 points; Que Lo Que - 5 points;

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