The Gulp Jar is a Consumable which heals both your health and shield. It heals you slowly and once it finishes your health it moves onto your shield if it still contains HP left.

Facts and Tips

  • The Gulp Jar was an item that was added on February 16, 2019, alongside a lumberjack themed item shop.
  • The Gulp Jar is based off of an item from Fortnite, called "Slurp Juice".
  • It heals 75 points of health and/or shield. It works so that, once your health is maxed out, it will start giving you shield. Overall it takes 35 seconds for the Gulp Jar to give you all the 75 HP.
  • It is an Epic item.
  • Comes in a pack of 1, can be stacked to 2.
  • Its decal is a purple re-skin of the Shield Potion, but in game, it's model is the same as the Guzzle Jug (Different form the shield Potion).
  • You can only use one at a time, if you try to use another one while using one it it does the sound of finishing but nothing else happens
  • There is a useful glitch where if you try picking something up as your Gulp Jar finishes it's waiting time to give you your HP/Shield it might drop another Gulp Jar while the one you are using starts taking effect. Therefore it gives you two rather than one. The perfect glitch for if you have 50 HP and 0 Shield. It is suggested you only try this if you have lots of time.


Gulp Jar - Island Royale

Gulp Jar - Island Royale

Showcase for the Gulp Jar.

Gulp Jar In-Game Stats

In-game stats for the Gulp Jar.




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