This gun fires shotgun ammo in different spots every time you shoot it. You will need to wait every time to shoot for it to cool down.

Facts and Tips

  • This gun is useful for short ranges since it does a lot of damage up close, however can be used at a medium range too, without losing its efficiency.
  • It's very good for damaging buildings.
  • Although it has the least magazine size out of the other shotguns, it does the most damage.
  • Just like the Pump Shotgun, it can reach very far opponents sometimes, making it also a "makeshift" medium-ranged sniper-like weapon.
  • Tactic used the most with this gun is shooting once, switching to an AR and spraying the enemy, and after a few seconds, when the shot cooldown is expired, switch back to the shotgun and shoot again. After which you switch back to your AR and so on, until the enemy dies.


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