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Below is a list of codes that are made to accompany updates, bug fixes or tiny things like LordJurrd being lazy. These tend to last 1 week, from the previous update to the latest one. And please don't try and edit this Page with inappropriate things on here it will not be tolerated thank you.

Edit: (Codes Will Say Expired If They Are Outdated)

STATUS ehehehe clebe Amount of Bucks obtained/ Item(s) obtained DATE GIVEN OUT DD/MM/YY EXPLANATION


OGSOONAAA 10000 1/11/2020 Be ready for OG Season





New gamemodes

EXPIRED DOUBLEXP 1000 XP 11/8/19 Double XP Event
EXPIRED FLINTLOCKGG 2500 2/8/2019 Brand New Flintlock Gun!
EXPIRED NITROBOOST2WOO 2500 26/07/2019 In Celebration Of The Island Royale Discord Sever Reaching Nitro Boost Level 2, This Code Was Given Out.
EXPIRED WOWOW 1500 26/07/2019 New Item Shop, New Bundle, x4 XP Weekend & 25% Off All Gamepasses
EXPIRED OGOG 7500 19/07/19 OG locations returning
EXPIRED HAWYEE 1500 12/07/19 For adding horses for a limited time to the game
EXPIRED JULY4BRO 5000 04/07/19 For Patriots day/America day
EXPIRED DXP 1500 28/06/19 Double XP for three days
EXPIRED REDCLIFF 2500 21/06/19 New Redcliff Themed Item Shop!
EXPIRED 5SEASONS 5000 14/06/19 5th Island Pass season
EXPIRED MELONWATER 2500 7/06/19 New Revolver & Melon Themed Item Shop!
EXPIRED SOONSOON 2500 02/06/19 Posted in #general on the Island Royale Discord Server, FOV adjustment added and performance fixes
EXPIRED DISCORDMEMBERSONLY 5 02/06/19 Posted in #general on the Island Royale Discord Server
EXPIRED LETSBUILD 4000 31/05/19 New Pyramids & 3X3 editing!
EXPIRED NEWMODES 5000 23/05/19 New FFA & TDM Gamemodes!
EXPIRED ripewatermelon 250 20/05/19 Posted in #general on the Island Royale Discord Server
EXPIRED ONEMILLIONFAVS 2500 19/05/19 Island Royale Hit 1 Million Favourites!
EXPIRED TOMMY 2500 17/05/19 New Tommy Gun!
EXPIRED urmom 250 11/05/19 Posted in #general on Discord "code urmom".
EXPIRED MOO 2500 10/05/19 New Cow Themed Item Shop!
EXPIRED MERCHWOO 2500 3/05/19 Official Island Royale Merch!
EXPIRED ENDGAME 2500 26/04/19 The movie Avengers Endgame came out.
EXPIRED BOOMBOOMBOOM 1000 21/4/19 Given out during the 10 minutes that the Easter Suit returned to the featured item shop.
EXPIRED EASTERDAY 2500 21/04/19 Easter Sunday celebration along with double XP!
EXPIRED EASTER19 5000 19/04/19 Easter update came out in Island Royale.
EXPIRED JUNGLY 5500 12/04/19 WHOLE New Map, New Locations & New Item Shop!
EXPIRED TIKITIME 5000 05/04/19 Brand New Tiki Torch!
EXPIRED 2HUNDO 2000 31/03/19 Island Royale Hitting 200 Million Visits!
EXPIRED YEAHBOIO 3000 29/03/19 LordJurrd on his Discord server in the text channel #general posted "3k code for fun: "YEAHBOIO" enjoy".
EXPIRED SEASON4 6500 29/03/19 New Island Pass Season, Weekly Challenges, Diamond Island Pass Tier & New Item Shop.
EXPIRED waterMELON 500 23/03/19 Given out because LordJurrd likes watermelons.
EXPIRED LIGHTNING 5500 22/03/19 Gifting Items, 4 New Gamepasses & Item Shop.
EXPIRED YAYFEATURED 2500 19/03/19 Island Royale getting on the "Featured Games" page.
EXPIRED PATRICKS 2500 17/03/19 This code was given out to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.
EXPIRED STEALTHY 6500 15/03/19 New Heavy AR added, and the ninja shop theme added to the featured shop
EXPIRED OOPSIE 1000 14/03/18 LordJurrd fixed the crashing issue began occurring after a hot-fix he recently did to Island Royale.
EXPIRED MENINBLACK 5000 08/03/19 Created because "Guzzle Jugs" & The All Time Item Shop were added to Island Royale.
EXPIRED ONEYEAR 10000 03/03/2019 Created to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Island Royale.
EXPIRED DEPLOY 5000 02/03/19 Created because the Glider Redeploy item was added to the game.
EXPIRED BLOXYS Popcorn Addiction hat and Red Carpet Cape back object 24/02/19 To celebrate LordJurrd being nominated for "Best Scripter" in the Bloxys.
EXPIRED BLOXY 2500 23/02/19 LordJurrd being nominated for the "Best Scripter" Award in the Bloxys!
EXPIRED BONBON 5000 23/02/18 To celebrate Blazing Bonfires becoming part of Island Royale
EXPIRED LUMBER 5000 15/02/18 New Lumber Themed Item Shop.
EXPIRED PORTAL 5000 09/02/19 Due to Warp Portals, Big Warp Crystals, Emote Wheel & Gifting Bucks Getting Added.
EXPIRED ZOOM 5000 02/02/10 Brand new [Crystal|Warp Crystal] item!
EXPIRED DISCO 5000 26/01/19 Given out as a code for Season 3 Island Pass.
EXPIRED DISCORDPEEPS 1000 18/01/19 Given out a exclusive code for members on Discord.
EXPIRED NEWB 5000 18/01/19 New Noob themed item shop.
EXPIRED OHHECKYES 2500 12/01/19 LordJurrd’s vacation being finally over.
EXPIRED AAAA 5000 06/01/19 LordJurrd's WiFi timeout is back.
EXPIRED 2019! 2500 01/01/19 In celebration of 2019 this code was given out.
EXPIRED YEEHAWBOI 1500 29/12/18 The new shotgun crosshairs being added, but also as compensation because LordJurrd didn't have an update ready.
EXPIRED CHRISTMAS2018 5000 25/12/18 This code was made to celebrate Christmas.
EXPIRED DROPDEATHFIXYAY 1000 23/12/18 There was a bug that was the result of one extra letter of code, where no loot was dropped upon death. This code was made as compensation.
EXPIRED CHEER 5000 21/12/18 Santa has "awoken," Massive 2-week long item shop, Limited time Peppermint Sprayer weapon
EXPIRED SLINK 500 21/12/18 Unknown (fill in reason here if you know it)
EXPIRED SNOWIN 3500 14/12/18 4th map in IR's history, half of the map is filled with snow, and the red crystals are replaced with Christmas trees
EXPIRED STABBY 2500 08/12/18 Part 2/2 of the Traps/Launch Pads update, actually added the Traps and Launch Pads
EXPIRED RUDOLPH 2500 07/12/18 Part 1/2 of the Traps/Launch Pads update, mainly just Reindeer themed shop items and stairs build rotations
EXPIRED FUNSTREAM 500 01/12/18 LordJurrd's first IR live stream after the Alpha days
EXPIRED LOLMINUSONE (-1) 01/12/18 Created due to spam from people saying he should do it
EXPIRED TWITCHSWAG 500 01/12/18 Announced during LordJurrd's first Dev Stream after the Alpha days
EXPIRED GINGER 5000 01/12/18 All new ginger-themed featured shop items
EXPIRED SNOWY 5000 12/11/18 Island Pass Winter Season 2018
EXPIRED EDITS 5000 17/11/18 Editing update!
EXPIRED YAYBUILDING 5000 11/11/18 All new building update
EXPIRED LEAFSEASON 2500 03/11/18 Fall Season coming soon (Island Pass)
EXPIRED HALLOWEEN 1000 10/31/18 Halloween
EXPIRED BLINGBLING 2500 26/10/18 Added backblings in character customization
EXPIRED BADBUGS 500 21/10/18 Darkness trail not showing trail fixed
EXPIRED SPOOKS 2000 20/10/18 2/3 halloween shop + island pass
EXPIRED 100M 1000 14/10/18 100 Million visits in Island Royale
EXPIRED BRAINZ 2500 13/10/18 All new first of 3 halloween featured shop items
EXPIRED <3<3 500 7/10/18 Unknown
EXPIRED BOOM 5000 06/10/18 Volcano erupted, map changed
EXPIRED CONTENTNEXT 5000 29/09/18 Huge content update next update
EXPIRED STICKUP 3000 22/09/18 Xbox support!
EXPIRED AGENT 2000 15/09/18 All new spy-themed featured shop items
EXPIRED XBOXTIME 1000 14/09/18 Announcement of official release for xbox island royale (21st september)
EXPIRED LEMONS 1000 08/09/18 Unknown (rumours said that mods said it)
EXPIRED RULER 2500 08/09/18 Brand new Egyptian-Themed featured shop items
EXPIRED BLOOD 1500 31/08/18 Brand new vampire-themed featured shop items
EXPIRED DUSK 2000 18/08/18 Change in time, day, night, dusk, dawn instead of just day
EXPIRED MAFIOSO 1750 11/08/18 Added 3 other gamepasses and a mafia-themed featured shop items.
EXPIRED MINGO 1750 03/08/18 Added flamingos and ammo boxes also a new badge
EXPIRED OOGA 1500 28/07/18 Brand new VIP badge and tribal themed items
EXPIRED GUNS 2000 14/07/18 Brand new sport rifle and heavy pistol
EXPIRED ARRR 1500 06/07/18 The expansion of the map and new pirate themed featured shop items
EXPIRED 4TH 1000 04/07/18 4th of July featured shop items update
EXPIRED VIP 2500 03/07/18 New VIP Servers
EXPIRED FIXED 2500 01/07/18 Fixes from Beta release
EXPIRED BETA! 2500 30/06/18 Island Royale in BETA (Free)
EXPIRED CHEERS 5000 22/06/18 Daily updates until IR enters beta phase
EXPIRED SMOOTHBUILD 3500 15/06/18 Improved smooth building, auto rotations
EXPIRED EXPLORE 3000 08/06/18 New explorer themed featured shop items
EXPIRED EMPEROR 2500 01/06/18 New heavy shotguns
EXPIRED WOOT 3000 25/05/18 Keybind changes in-game
EXPIRED OUTLAWS 3500 18/05/18 Keybinds, ammo/resource dropping, exlusive starter pack
EXPIRED BEACHDAY 3000 11/05/18 All new featured shop items and fixes
EXPIRED BATTLEREADY 3500 04/05/18 Three brand new locations
EXPIRED KNIGHT 4500 27/04/18 New knight themed featured shop items
EXPIRED 2K 2000 21/04/18 Needed a weekly code and wasn't as creative as now
EXPIRED HEADSHOT 4000 20/04/18 All new Bolt Action Sniper and Mini Potions
EXPIRED FLAIR 2500 13/04/18 Introduced emotes, trail, effects, and flair chest
EXPIRED BUTTERYSMOOTH 5000 06/40/18 Improvements to the game
EXPIRED EGGTASTIC 3000 30/03/18 Easter Week
EXPIRED WEEKENDVIBES 2500 23/03/18 Update regarding 2 new map locations
EXPIRED CLOVER 3500 17/03/18 Saint Patrick's Day


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 11.07.23.png

Facts and Tips

  • "IMGULLIBLE" is a troll code. It is often mentioned by dyno in the general chat in Island Royale Discord. It turns out that it is just a mod (Sean) who uses a Dyno tag to make Dyno send the message.
  • When you enter a code a little phrase or wording appeared in the box you types the code.
  • Some small codes like the code 'urmom' is posted on the Discord server by LordJurrd with little context.

Don't Redeem This Code, It Doesen't Work GULLIBLE

The message that is sent by dyno.