The Launchpad is a new feature, added on December 8th, 2018, the 'Structures' update, along with the Spike Trap. It is a structure that can be placed onto your buildings, or the default buildings on the map. Once this is placed, it launches you (hence the name "Launchpad") into the air, and you are able to reuse your glider.

Facts and Tips

  • It launches you directly up into the air, after which you are able to skydive or use your glider. However if you try to skydive the whole time, you will be forced to deploy your glider very close to the ground.
  • The maximum amount that you can hold in your inventory is 5.
  • This structure could be a game changer if used correctly, because you are able to travel long distances and can surprise attack enemies that do not notice you high above.
  • This structure is very useful in build fights, if the enemy is destroying your building's lowest levels (you can escape fall damage if you use the launchpad).
  • This structure is very useful to trick enemies. (video provided below)
  • These bugs could be fixed in the future as LordJurrd is constantly working to make gameplay improvements and bug fixes.
  • Upon landing to your destination, your player model appears back at the launch pad that you launched from for just a quick second, but you can still take damage if someone times it perfectly, which is a downside for players trying to escape at low health.
  • Sometimes, when launching and gliding, you can glide into invalid positions (such as the Christmas Tree and the big, brown rock monoliths).
  • When spectating, the player model can glitch out when someone launchpads and gunfire can be heard from afar, when in reality, they are shooting at another location. This is only temporary.
  • If you die while in mid-air by another enemy, you loot will float down towards the ground and you cannot hear the bullet(s) that were shot.
  • If you get knocked and launchpad, you will lose Health normally, as if you were knocked down while on the ground. When landing, you will become knocked. However, dying mid-air because you were knocked means that your loot will disappear.
  • If you kill a person right after they launchpad, their character model will be in the knocked position, he/she will seem to float up and his/her loot will appear at ground level.


Launchpad Screenshot

Screenshot for the Launchpad.

Little Lesson in Launch Pads trickery

Little Lesson in Launch Pads trickery

An example of how to trick opponents using Launch Pads


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