When you enter Island Royale, you will be teleported to the lobby. The lobby is where you can buy new featured items, buy chests, redeem codes, change outfits, and more! It is also where you are going to decide if you want to play solos, duos or squads. The Lobby is also the place where you invite your friends to play together with you!

In the 'LOBBY' section of the lobby you can see your level (left top corner) and xp, your island pass level (right under the level) also xp, the amount of bucks you have, the type of gamemode you want to play (solo, duo, trio, squad; fill or no fill). Fill or no fill is a gamemode which can only be found in duos and higher. Fill allows the game for other players to be on your team in game no fill does the opposite.You can also change your keybinds by pressing 'KEYBINDS' (bottom right). On top part of the lobby you can switch between sections. You can also click on 'KEYBINDS' at the bottom right to set different keys for actions in-game. Clicking on the amount of Bucks you have (top right) brings to the shop. Clicking on the friends symbol (top right) tells you if a friend is online in the game. If the player is then you can click on the person and send then a invite to join your group and playing and a higher gamemode. You can do the same thing if you click on the plus symbols next to your player on the other stands. When you enter a Lobby after clicking play on the home page of Island Royale you get to see an exclusive offer when it's done a new one comes out.  

Other sections of the Lobby


Rounds Lobby's

Battle Royale Lobby's

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