In the 'LOCKER' section of the lobby you can find all of the clothes, tools, gliders, faces, hats, back objects, effects, trails, emotes by clicking on the type of thing you want to customize that you have available for your character and that you own. In this section, you also may change them. For example, if you want to change your glider, just click on the glider section and a menu will appear allowing you to choose the glider you want between all of your gliders. In here you can also change your character's skin color and hairstyle by going to 'Edit Character'. In a recent update you can click on 'RANDOM' that picks a new cosmetic from each box except for your emotes.

Editing Character

On the right side of the Locker tab is a button that lets you edit your character when you click it. It lets you change your:

  • Skin Colour
  • Hair
  • Hair Colour

At first it is free of charge. However, the more and more you save your changes, the charge of bucks will increase. It is 500 bucks to change all of your skin and other.

Facts and Tips

  • On the 14th of June, 2019 you could search up everything in your locker by name and rarity. If you are searching for colors then by name it would be A-Z and rarity would be Z-A.


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