-Bonus 10,000 Bucks! 💵

-Exclusive chat ⭐ tag! (& Color!)

-More Player XP every time you earn it! 💯

-Additional 10% off item shop purchases! 🤯

-Exclusive character cosmetics! 🗡️

.Golden Carpet glider!

.Gold Sparkle time hat!

.God Forged Sword tool!

.Baller Crown hat!

.Starry Eyes face!

Items you get

Facts and Tips

  • The MVP is a gamepass that costs 725 robux (formerly). it was reduced to 650 robux.
  • It came out on 11/8/18, along with Mafia items and two other gamepasses, Island Pass and Lucky Touch Pass.
  • MVP stands for Most Valuable Player. Therefore this pass is actually the Most Valuable Player pass.


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