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When places get renamed or a new one gets made don't rename the page make a new one. A location which needs to be made is Tough Town (It's a retired location)

Rounds Map


The Rounds map came out on the 22nd of May 2019 and was only possible of playing in it by using the Gamemodes FFA and TDM right now it does not have any names for the locations and is a lot smaller than the Battle Royale Map.

List of Current Locations

Battle Royale Map


The Map is one of the vital objects in the game. You can see 29 locations on the map. The image of the map can be shown in HD on the right side of the page. To view the other maps (which are all the same resolution) scroll down from this page until you get to 'Media'.

List of Current Locations

Removed/Renamed Locations

These are all the removed and renamed locations in Island Royale.

These locations may still exist in the game, titled under a different name, but have lost their ownership/tag for being a location.

These locations, however, may be introduced back into the game, in a later, major update.

Facts and Tips

  • Starter Settlement is seen on the current versions of the Map. It can be also seen from the Battle Bus and from the west side of the Island. But, in the other Maps it was not shown.
  • Topsy Towers was usually the most crowded place, until the Christmas Trees were removed. However, the Snowy Update to the map which introduced the Christmas Tree dominated Topsy Towers. This is because the chests are like gifts around the Christmas Tree and the gifts often give out Legendary weapons.
  • The Bus acts like a place on the map but without a name and moves across the map.
  • Topsy Towers towers is one of the only locations which haven't got renamed.
  • The volcano erupted in October 6, 2018, causing the map to permanently change.
  • When snow came in the winter update most of the sand around the map just disappeared.
  • The snow dominated around one third of the the map, leaving the grassy area in the middle of the two opposite lands. It was updated during the "Christmas" update.
  • Slippy Shore and Slippy Shores are the same place but in different times.
  • The map is different depending on the Gamemode.

Rounds Map Media

Battle Royale Map Media


Current Locations in Battle Royale

BusStarter SettlementCaptivating CivilizationCrummy CityDeath DipDirty DepotFreaky FieldsGoose GroveHappy HillsideHidden HavenHollowed HillHunky HoleLil'er LakeLonely LandMini MountainNeedy NeighborhoodOutcast OasisPirate PlazaPleasant PlacePyramid PointSliding SettlementTalking TempleTeaser TownTempting TempleTender TownTiny TownTopsy TowersValliant VillageVolatile VolcanoWonkey Willows
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