The Minigun is a gun which shoots Medium Ammo at players at an extremely fast rate but deals Low damage. The gun also needs the player to hold the mouse button at the start to warm up.

Facts and Tips

  • It has a warm-up time of 2 seconds.
  • This gun is effective for destroying buildings/bases.
  • This gun is effective at annihilating campers' hideouts.
  • The most rare item to find in game.
  • It has the highest magazine size out of any gun in Island Royale.
  • Ever though it is not as powerful as a high rarity Assault Rifle and Tactical Rifle, as when shooting with the Minigun, you are basically, "immobilized" and are very vulnerable to all sorts of damage. The Assault Rifle can do large amounts of damage on headshots and the Tactical Rifle shoots fast and hard to dodge the bullets.
  • A good way to dominate other enemies is to rev up the Minigun as soon as you see an enemy; this way you are already firing and locating the enemy with your crosshair, instead of waiting a couple of seconds for the gun to rev up.
  • It can be proven to be more useful than the Peppermint Sprayer at its Mythic rank as it does 1.5 more damage. However, mythic Miniguns are harder to come across than Peppermint Sprayers. Remark: The Peppermint Sprayer version of this gun is not availible in the game right now.


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