The Peppermint Sprayer is a limited time weapon. It was added on December 21, 2018, alongside a special "Christmas Extravaganza" item shop.

Facts and Tips

  • It deals 19.5 damage
  • It can only be Mythic and no other rarity.
  • It has a special Christmas bells sound when firing.
  • You have a higher chance of finding it at a Christmas Tree or at a supply drop when Santa arrives than at any other area. It can also be found on the ground without the need to open chest, presents or supply drops.
  • It does less damage than a normal Mythic Minigun but it makes up for it with 1 less second on its reload time.
  • This weapon has been removed along with the Christmas Tree so the information on this site might not look like the other Weapons articles.
  • There is a good chance it will return at the next Christmas event
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