This gun fires shotgun ammo in different spots so you don't need to aim like a noob. It is very good if you land every shot in one take because that would deal more than 200 damage if you have a high rarity gun. But you will need to wait a couple seconds after shooter for the Shotgun to get cocked by you player.

Facts and Tips

  • The Pump Shotgun is super effective for close range battles.
  • Its model is very similar to the Tactical Shotgun and the Heavy Shotgun since they are all Shotguns.
  • For some computers, your FPS may drop down when using a shotgun for certain computers.
  • This shotgun can shoot very far sometimes, making this weapon into a "makeshift" medium-ranged sniper-like weapon.
  • The Pump Shotgun is a shotgun which fires multiple pellets at once, dishing out high damage, if the pellets hit an enemy.


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