The Scoped Rifle is a special one it is the same concept as the Thermal Scoped Rifle. It shoots slowly but when hit it does a good amount of damage.

Facts and Tips

  • Like the Assault Rifle and the Tactical Rifle, it is effective for medium ranges.
  • This weapon is also good to take down any enemy fleeing, especially when an enemy is going over a sloped part of the landscape.
  • The bullets that are shot out of the Scoped Rifle have a little bit of an arc downward to them.
  • The Scoped Rifle is an assault rifle with a scope mounted on it. However, the zoom is not as powerful or as accurate as that of the sniper rifles.
  • It has a scope which resembles the Thermal Scoped Rifle and the Snipers.
  • The in-game model is most likely based on a G11.


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