• The Semi-Auto Sniper is a Sniper that has a 6 round magazine, allowing the user to fire rounds in quick succession, but has less accuracy than the Bolt-Action Sniper.
  • It fires Heavy Ammo.


  • It has a magazine size of 6.
  • It has a reload time of 2.5 seconds.
  • It has a fire rate of 1.65 bullets/second.


  • This gun is super effective for long range.
  • Its bullets come out from a little bit to the right of the aim point on the scope.
  • It also has increased travel time and bullet drop compared to the Bolt-Action Sniper.
  • If you miss too many shots over a period of time, then you will realize that you have used most of your Heavy Ammo, so just be aware if you are missing your shots most of the time, then try to conserve your ammo and use it on other vulnerable targets.
  • It is based off the Semi-Auto Sniper from Fortnite. It is, however, not automatic in Island Royale, unlike in Fortnite.

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