This gun resembles a WWI and WWII SMLE (Lee-Enfield) and acts like a sniper, although it has no scope. The gun is a hybrid between a Rifle and a Sniper.

Facts and Tips

  • This gun is effective for medium/long range engagements.
  • The Sport Rifle might be based off of the SMLE (Lee-Enfield) infantry rifle, used in WWI and in WWII. (World War 1 and World War 2)
  • This rifle doesn't have a scope, unlike the Bolt-Action Sniper and Semi-Auto Sniper, but if used correctly, it can be useful in landing no-scopes and medium-long range sniping.
  • The Sport Rifle is a no-scope sniper as this is an imitation of the Hunting Rifle from Fortnite, which is a sniper. It was mentioned as a no-scope sniper in a Fortnite game announcement where somebody eliminates another player with the Hunting Rifle.
  • Unlike regular Rifles, it uses Heavy ammo instead of Medium ammo.
  • When the gun is used in ADS it goes into a 3rd person shoulder view.


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