The Thermal Scoped Rifle is a weapon that was added on February 23, 2019, alongside the Heavy Sniper and Blazing Bonfire. Its specialty is to make it easier to easier spot players (yellow) because the rest of the vision is dark (blue).

Facts and Tips

  • This gun is the exact same as the Scoped Rifle, except when you use the scope, it has a blue thermal tint. It also reloads slightly slower than the Scoped Rifle.
  • It shows people more clearly by making enemies, a tinted yellow color, therefore making it harder to not notice them while tracking them down.
  • When someone is in your field of vision when you're using the scope, they will become neon yellow, bearing a mild resemblance to an actual thermal scope.
  • It is found in epic and legendary rarities.
  • The gun's in-game model is inspired by the XM8 Carbine.


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