The Tommy Gun is a rapid fire hybrid of an SMG and a Rifle. This item can commonly be found inside of Chests.

Facts and Tips

  • Good to knock down structures due to its high fire rate and magazine size.
  • It was added on Friday, May 17, 2019, in the "TOMMY GUN!" update.
  • Has a code based of it called "TOMMY" which was also released on Friday, May 17, 2019
  • Also called the Drum Gun.
  • This gun can be very effective if you use it to combo with another weapon (popular combos are double Tommy Guns, Miniguns and shotgun, etc.)
  • This gun has 3 possible rarities in Battle Royale, Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple) & Mythic (Yellow).
  • Good for close to medium range combat engagements.
  • Vaguely based off of the Thompson Submachine Gun
  • By the end of World War II, the gun the Tommy Gun was based on had been replaced with the M3, or more commonly named the "Grease Gun". (If you want to try both the M1 and the M3, you can find them both in the Roblox game Arsenal)
  • Has one of the highest fire rates in the game next to the Minigun, Silenced Submachine Gun, and Peppermint Sprayer
  • Is similar to the Drum Gun in Fortnite Battle Royale
  • It was coincidentally mentioned in the Discussion "Tommy Gun" by triggeredtrashkid a week before its release.
  • The Tommy Gun has a low-medium spread when shooting.

Many players consider it powerful due to these reasons;

  1. The high fire rate of 10.
  2. The ability to absolutely obliterate structures.
  3. The high magazine size of 40 which makes it easy to shove bullets into the enemy's face without reloading frequently.
  4. The high damage of 19.375 to 33.
  5. The advantage it gives you when in situations.
  6. The combos you can do with it.
  • In the 1940s, the Thompson Submachine Gun was popular with "gangsters" and thought it was cool. It also came out with the Gangster-themed item shop.


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